Saturday, July 19, 2008

Highly educated Seattle can't function with traffic lights out

I found this out today coming back from a non-political event that took place forty miles north of the city. Got off on the exit where the mall is and found myself in an enormous traffic jam for no apparent reason. They're doing construction on the bridge that connects mainland Seattle to the East side, so I thought it might be 520 refugees picking a different route. Drove a little further and it turned out that the traffic lights were out, along with the power to the mall itself, and that the sole reason for the backup was people being hesitant about how to navigate the traffic crossings without power, that is how to exist without having the traffic lights to just stupidly direct them about what to do. It's bad enough here at four way stops, but this sort of took the cake. I had stuff to do at the mall, which is how I found out that it had no power, and exiting and going back onto the main road I stopped for a little bit, watched everyone just idling there, then made a left turn onto 110th. It's a major intersection, and it took about two seconds to look at the cars, make the decision, and carry it out. One of the easiest left turns I've made, I think, and all because no one else had the basic initiative to do something about figuring out how to drive their car without traffic lights.

We have the highest concentration of bachelors' degrees and advanced degrees in the country.

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