Friday, July 11, 2008

Homosexual poems by Michelangelo

Turns out he wrote a huge amount of them. I'm taking these two from This Site.

"Over here it was that my love stole from me,
In his mercy, my heart and, farther on, my life.
Here with his beautiful eyes he promised me help,
And with the same eyes here he stole it back.
Over here he bound me and here released me;
For myself I wept here, and with infinite sorrow
From this rock I saw him leave,
He who stole myself from me and never turned back."

"I live in sin, dying to myself I live;
Life is no longer mine, but belongs to sin;
My good is from heaven, my evil I give to myself,
From my own unbound will, which has been stolen from me.
My freedom is a slave, my divinity has made itself
Oh, unhappy state!
To what misery, to what life I've been born! "

Hopefully there's a good, complete non-rhymed translation out there. The rhymed translation by John Addington Symonds, although daring for its time, grates on your ears as being forced into the rhyme scheme and not natural at all.

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