Friday, July 04, 2008

New official religion of the blog™®: Mazdakism

"The two distinguishing factors in Mazdak's teaching was to reduce the importance of religious formalities, claiming that the true religious person was one who understood and related correctly to the principles of the universe; and a criticism of the strong position of Zoroastrian clergy which had resulted in suppression of the Persian population and much poverty. In many ways can Mazdak's teaching be understood as a call for social revolution, and he has been called the "first Socialist in history".
Mazdak emphasized good conduct, which involved a moral and ascetic life, no killing and not eating flesh (which contained substances solely from Darkness), being kind and friendly and live in peace with other people.

Despite the concepts of good conduct, the followers of Mazdak raided the palaces and harems of the rich, removing the valuables they believed they had equal rights on. Facing the unrest in the empire, the King Kavadh 1, ruling from 488 until 531, converted to Mazdakism. With his backing could Mazdak embark on a program of social reform, which involved pacifism, anti-clericalism and aid programs for helping the poor. Mazdak had government warehouses opened to help the poor in the society. Mazdak had most Zoroastrian fire temples closed, save 3.

His programs were so dramatic that there rumours told that he planned to have all private property confiscated, and replace marriage with free sex."

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