Thursday, July 24, 2008

New States

These are States that have been proposed within the United States: the State of Jefferson, which would have included southern Oregon and northern California, Abrsaroka, subject of a New York Times article today, which would have included northern Wyoming, part of Montana, and western South Dakota. Additionally, there was the State of Deseret, a proposed theocracy dominated by the Church of Latter Day Saints that later became the Utah territory and Utah itself. And if we're going for secessionist movements we can't forget the proposed splitting of all of New England from the United States by conservative Federalists in protest against liberal Jeffersonian policies. The new country would have been closer to Canada in its relationship to England, but as everyone notes the war of 1812, where England invaded the United States, made the idea very unpopular.
Aaron Burr also attempted to ride into the new Louisiana Purchase with an army and establish a new country with himself as the King.

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