Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Reptilian Questionings

A term of my own. Related to the general attitude in Dubuffet's "Asphyxiating Culture", which I've finished. A series of Reptilian Questionings would be something that challenged society, society's norms, culture, coming from the point of view of the Reptilian part of the brain, the part of ourselves so primitive and vicious that it's not even human anymore. The part of us that understands pure, inhuman, amoral, destruction, violence, excessive sexual urges, that wants to burn down everything and exult in the resulting product, rolling in the ashes, smearing itself with blood, and luxuriating in the carrion fucking like a goat.

So, yes, um, Reptilian Questionings, that's what we need some more of in this society, something to clear the path for true creative enterprise. This concept owes something to William S. Burroughs as well.

*on edit: it appears that there are deeper levels to the self. First would be the insectoid part of the brain, even more amoral and inhuman than the reptilian. The consciousness of the wasp in biology textbooks who lays its eggs in a developing larva of another species whereupon the baby wasps eat their way out of it from the inside to the surface. The union of sex and death, thanatos and eros, as one cycle right there.

Even deeper might be the vegetative part of the self. Not vegetable but vegetative in the sense of an Amazon rainforest, hot, wet, with life bursting forth from the decay that's constantly generated around it.

Something even deeper than that might be there, but I don't really know what that could be---a force of some kind.

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