Thursday, July 10, 2008

Romeo Michigan and Kid Rock

I happen to be from the same town as rock-rapper Kid Rock is from. The irony is that the kind of countrified environment he talks about in his music doesn't resemble Romeo in the least. Romeo was settled by folks from New England and served as the regional center when the area was devoted to logging and paper making. It is in almost every way a Victorian New England town, with lots of mansions, nice old streets, a real downtown. Not only that, but the town is more liberal than pretty much any place around it, having a sort of air of liberal sophistication due to its origins. The flight of hippies to Romeo no doubt encouraged that, as well, since it was one of the small towns in the large Detroit area that people aiming to get closer to the land went to. In fact, Romeo in its early career had a branch of the University of Michigan.

The idea that folks in Romeo are consumed by dirt bike racing and being like the image of white people that Kid Rock portrays is about as funny as the presence of "Frontier Town" on the edge of the city limits. "Frontier Town" is a 'shopping experience' type place for tourists that's made to look like an old West town, with a real waterwheel and supposedly model home from the period and everything. They have stuff like a store selling rocks with interesting minerals in them and had a small fenced off area where some goats lived, at least when I was living in Romeo. Maybe that would be appropriate for some other place, but the wrought iron railings and cobble stone alleyways of the village of Romeo make it all look silly.

Silly as Kid Rock, in fact, who for years before he hit upon his latest style was looked on as a joke in the local Detroit music scene.

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Anonymous said...

Hey man.
Are you sure you're from Romeo? I currently live in Romeo in one of those historic homes in the village. I have lived all over Michigan (Houghton Lake, Roscommon, Grand Rapids, Big Rapids, Olivet, and Grosse Pointe before coming yonder. I have also lived in a number a number of other states; FL, OK, TX, lastly Newport Beach, CA. I know affluent...and I know country. Although Romeo is somewhat toney in the village, and yes some nice homes in and around, but you step a mile out of town and you are in red-neckville. Hello? I have never in my life seen so many goaties and jacked up 4X4s than in this area of Macomb County. So dude, stop acting like your this hippster blogger from Seattle. You're from Romeo, Macomb County, Michigan. You're a red-neck man. Love it. Embrace it. And stop dissing Kid Rock as he's as country as country gets. So he lived in a nice farm home off 30 Mile Road and loved a hotty chocolatey chick! The guy knows how to live! Go sip some over priced coffee dude....