Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So satire has to be clever?

This is the basic objection being given by progressive bloggers to the New Yorker's right to print a pro-Obama cover that satirizes the reaction to both Barack and Michelle Obama by the right. The satire, in their opinion, isn't particularly good or tasteful, not really that funny, so they shouldn't have run it. Somewhere, the people who attacked the "General Betray-us" add that MoveOn ran, criticizing General Petraeus for giving a false picture of Iraq in his testimony, are laughing, laughing, laughing.
The basic objection that all of the right made in chorus was that it wasn't in good taste or particularly appropriate to attack a General in the U.S. Army like that, by making a play on words on his name that was negative.

Back then, everyone on the Progressive blogosphere rightly condemned them for trying to limit free speech in order to force their point of view on the media as a litmus test. Now, when the ball is in the Progressive's court, they're making the same objection.
As Phil Ochs once sang about liberals, they love causes unless the object of them hits too close to home, and then it becomes a Serious Issue that they have to take action against.

As always, the people who are really on the Left are unmoved. The Left abides, like the Dude, not falling for liberal hypocrisy.

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seev said...

Aren't there a sizable number of Americans who won't get the satire and actually might believe the cartoon depicts the truth? In fact, a recent Newsweek poll showed that 39% of Americans believe he attended an Islamic school, 26% believe he was raised Muslim, 12% believe he was sworn in to the Senate with a Koran, and 12% actually believe he's a practicing Muslim.