Sunday, July 20, 2008

To put things in perspective about the New Yorker cover, Rudy Giuliani made headlines for speaking out against a painting

A painting of the Virgin Mary that incorporated elephant dung, made by an African artist for whom the substance is identified as being life giving. Giuliani objected to it, saying that it was offensive, that it had no place in an institution funded by New York City, and soon hardcore Catholics in the New York area were going to it to register their displeasure. Back then everyone thought that Giuliani was a semi-fascist idiot who wanted to censor free speech, who had no right to instigate a jihad against the painting. New Yorker cover criticizing Obama using satire comes out and suddenly it's offensive, tasteless, without context, that they shouldn't have run it. But, they're not semi-fascist idiots who want to censor free speech, they're Obama supporters who want to see him win against McCain, which will lead to a land where ice cream grows on trees and the rivers flow with soda pop.

You folks are so fucking hypocrites, so absolutely full of shit that it's coming out of your eyes. Go to fucking hell, assholes, and leave free speech alone.

I've made my own Obama satire, which will be pointed out to be tasteless and offensive, here it is:

This is a little thing I call "Obama-lini"


That's Obama's head photoshopped onto Mussolini's body, with Mussolini giving the salute to his Fascisti. No doubt right up the alley for those complaining about the New Yorker cover of the Commander of the Faithful.

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