Friday, July 11, 2008

Writing exercise inspired by a French Artist

Pretty simple in idea and yet complex....try to write as if you've never come across other writing, as if you don't know anything about structuring writing, grammar, intro-body-conclusion, didn't know anything about topic sentences and transitions.
Pick a topic and write about it like this. Writing in this way also includes doing it as if you've never seen anyone give a demonstration of it. It's something that you probably work up to, progressively freeing yourself of culture. From Jean Dubuffet's experience of creating music like you'd never heard music before.

Plato's idea of Eros and Platonic love.

There's this thing that plato wrote about how womena nd men get along, how it is that men relate to women, He like to say that love comes out of something else besides desire and kindo f strange little feelings of friction and aura between two people as well as general thoughts about hotness of another person. There's this thing he calls intellectual love which is eroti and really like love considered in its normal form as being sort of like fucking. Okay that's not love as people usually define it but there's this sort of fucking/erotic sensibilitybelow all sorts of love that people talk about. This kind of intellectual love considers that you can in consequence of the structure of the human mind have an erotic feeling in relation oto someone else's intellect or selfhood. Your intellect can be attracted in a love relation t another intellect who an be attracted to you in the same way. Called Platonic love but that's not really what it is because platonic love the way that people mean it is love really just friendshop. It's friendshop masquerding as some asort of purer love, love ithout fucking. But not in Plato's original scheme of things. It's possible according to him to be both intellectual and erotic at the same time, but the eros comes not from pure feeling but from a perception of the beauty of the soul of the other person. If they see the same beauty in your soul then the attraction and erotic love generated by hte unoin of the two is considered to be the best sort of erotic love and love in general possible by Plato. Beauty in this case also means beauty in the form of sexual attraction. Beauty isn't just conveinotal beauty but has pronographic aspects. A beautiful soul is also an attractive soul.

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