Thursday, August 07, 2008

Anthrax, Ivins

It seems like the Anthrax mailer has been found out, conveniently committing suicide when the FBI, who had to all appearances ceased to care about the case, was just about to make a breakthrough. Personally, I'm suspect about the whole thing, at least about whether it was really just this guy, motivated purely by some mental illness, acting alone, and not in some combination with someone else, possibly with Stephen Hatfill, the previous prime suspect. The reason that I say that is that Hatfill's name was generated by the biological weapons community in the United States itself, and was leaked after basic accounts of him were given leaving his name out. The stated reason at that time was to get the FBI to take action against him, and the suspicion about why he hadn't been apprehended was that he was involved in more than just researching anthrax for vaccine purposes, but was a researcher working on developing better biological weapons for the U.S. military, which is both strictly forbidden and the exact thing we supposedly went to war with Saddam Hussein over.

Hatfill sued the government, and won.

It was also alleged that he was unstable as well, having allegedly had sex with a co worker inside a biological weapons lab, which led to disciplinary action. You think? Fucking amid anthrax is pretty fucking insane. I'm glad that disciplinary action that didn't remove him from gaining access to anthrax was taken.

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