Monday, August 25, 2008

Deus, Meumque Jus

Masonic print, interpretation of 33rd degree symbol

Copper plate etching, my interpretation of the symbol for the Scottish Rite 33rd Degree.

Deus, Meumque Jus means "God, and my Right". Meumque is unintentionally misspelled Mumque on it.

Kind of fuzzy but it's here.

The 33rd degree is one of the "Vengeance Degrees". Vengeance against who, you may ask? Uh, it has to do with opposition to state and religious oppression. In a post-9/11 environment saying you think this is a nice sentiment is a questionable act. People assume that if you support vengeance against the state and religious oppression that you're going to blow something up, but I think as a general principle the sentiment is pretty nice. "God" on the one side means a Masonic interpretation of God, meaning virtues and higher values, and "My Right" on the other side means "My Rights, or "My rights to enforce Justice".

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