Thursday, August 21, 2008

Don't you feel good that Obama has picked a running mate?

I mean, he won't tell us who he is yet, but the media is very happy. Maybe we should start asking questions, like, is your running mate bigger than a breadbox? Is he maybe from the South or from the North? That might be too direct. Does your candidate like wearing a particular color suit? Does he like vanilla ice cream? Anything to try to get some information out of him that can be scrutinized later to get some idea of who his running mate might be.

I swear, the headlines on Progressive sites proudly announcing that "OBAMA HAS CHOSEN A RUNNING MATE! ....but won't tell us who (s)he is...." , one day before the convention starts, have to be one of the most pathetic spectacles in recent journalism. Even worse is that the New York Times is repeating the same thing. What a valueless puff piece. Completely empty and devoid of content.

If Obama wins, will we be wise to expect more of this? Future headlines: "OBAMA HAS AN ECONOMIC PLAN!.....but willl announce it next month...." "OBAMA HAS IDEA ABOUT GETTING US OUT OF IRAQ!.....but it's just an idea, might not work, and so he's not telling us till he thinks about it more..."

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