Saturday, August 09, 2008

The great Almont incest competition, part 1

Or, how Leana got her groove back. It all started one summer night in Almont Michigan, known for its extensive culture and refinement. Randy was just coming back from the wood pile where he had been splitting logs for a couple of hours. "Now kitten, this town ain't seen nothin' good for a while now. We lost the klan convention and the great tradition of negro chasin' has died out since they don't even come through here now. Although you know as well as I do that the Kreecker Barrel (ain't related to the restaurant) convenience store is a mighty good place to pick up some youngin's porn---all legal of course---things have been gettin' a might bit slow.".Randy made his declaration in his living room, a fine place decked out with orange and yellow shag carpeting and a black velvet painting of a deer above the fire place. "Day-em daddy," Leana said, "What an all do ya suppose we do 'bout all this nothin' here in Almont?" "Well you know as well as I do Leana that folks around here have certain, well, you know, attractions. What with those cold snowy winter nights an all when there ain't nothin to do but sit around the fire a family...sometimes a man can start lookin' at his daughter with new eyes, 'specially if she's just comin' into that fine bloom of young wimmin hood." Leana blushed. "Ah know how lovely it cayn be when you touch me down there, daddy, but people outside of our kin just wouldn't understand our practices." "But they do understand good porn, Leana. Why, there are scenes out there of ten guys lettin' their load loose on some Jap lady's face, and they love it, too!" "Ass to mouth, ass to mouth, all of it sells these days." Randy said with a chuckle. "I figure if some little Chinese girl can get attention from lettin' a whole mess of folks gang bang her on film that we here in Almont can git our own share of attention by puttin' our, unusual, proclivities to use."

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Anonymous said...

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