Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton, who gives a damn?

Amid the mass arrests of protesters in Denver yesterday the bloggingheads chose to focus on absurd minutia regarding Hillary Clinton and the potential action of her supporters as well as her projected speech. I find this continued interest in Hillary even after she's been defeated and has no power as evidence of the bankruptcy of the Obama's supporters, who can't get on with their lives and look concretely at what Obama has been saying or at the interaction between Obama and McCain but who instead want to concentrate on things that have no more bearing on tangible reality anymore. Focussing on Clinton is potentially a way to avoid seeing that Obama has sold out and continues to sell out. I don't give a damn about Hillary Clinton in relation to this campaign anymore and I doubt that people outside the world of blogging Obama support do either, but they'll no doubt be beating this dead horse until circumstances force them to confront McCain.

See, it's easier to focus on intra-democratic party fights than it is to focus on the fight needed to win the general election, where comfortable liberal certainties are no longer guaranteed. And most bloggers don't have a clue about extra-democratic party politics because they haven't exerted any effort to try to understand them, being content to write about he said she said within the dems while trashing Bush. Bush is an easy target; it doesn't require much brain power to oppose him. Less insane conservatives on the other hand, of which McCain is one, take some nuance to criticize, which is obviously beyond the powers of the Hillary commenters.

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