Monday, August 04, 2008

I saw the best minds of my generation sell out for a cheap advantage in elite political society

Ruthless in opportunism and in their attempt to appear just the right amount of hip while not threatening the power structure, New York has become a mecca for sneering self promotion in a safe manner. I have seen them enter public policy programs and write dishonest theses on cultural issues using the latest post-structuralist bullshit while ignoring traditional and less fashionable methods of political, social, and cultural analysis, hoping to earn a place beside Jacques Derrida and Michel Foucault on the "critical studies" bookshelf at their local University Bookstore, people who in turn would not be given a second glance if it were not for same self sustaining college programs turning out self serving semi-radical papers and ideas.

I have seen compromise on a grand scale, cynicism of a rightwing pro-capitalist kind reaching the sky, and precious few people actually complaining about it. Conformism is hip, if you drop the right names.

I wish for the whole thing to spontaneously combust, harsh words in a post-9/11 age where every metaphor is examined for potential terrorist content, to drown in a sea of irony without even a sarcastic ending remark to make a saving grace.

The best minds of my generation have been co-opted and have not needed to apologize because the money still rolls on and on, financing their work.

If anything, it will take a new generation to actually effect some sort of authentic counter-cultural change, because we've fucked it up supremely.

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