Monday, August 25, 2008

Joe Biden: enough to protest the DNC w/o considering Obama's about faces

You want to know why people would protest the democratic national convention? Just look at the selection of Joe Biden as Obama's running mate. There's no excuse about how exactly he was selected that can absolve Obama of it since it was taughted for days as a decision only known by Obama and his three closest advisors. The centrist Joe Biden is example #1 of why the democratic party deserves to be protested.

But I'm sure that the bloggers who have been invited into the convention itself as a reward for their loyal service to the Party would disagree.

Maybe a good new slogan would be "Barack Obama: he distracted people from seeing how big sellouts the mainstream blogger darlings are." And, as people have noted, this selling out has been gotten rather cheaply, namely through small time recognition by mainstream journalists with no money behind it.

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