Monday, August 18, 2008

Les Malidictus Sound, not so Maledictus or Bon

Reported on Piero Scaruffi's generally very informative web page about European psychedelia and other music as being one of the most out there albums of the whole psychedelic movement, on first listen out of the package it sounds relatively tame and uninteresting. On second listen you realize that you're listening to a band that's taken a lot of sounds from King Crimson, which is by no means the most out there band in the general category of psychedelia. Third listen and you see that it's kind of half baked with some speeded up vocals on some songs that sound like the Chipmunks cartoon characters. If you want to hear some music more out there than this just look up Hawkwind, *Van der Graaf Generator, or The Monks, none of which, with the Monks as one possible exception, are really on the outer edges of out-there-ness in their sounds. So what's the most out there, strange beyond belief Krautrock/Euro-psychedelic album? I really don't know enough about the field to definitively answer that question, but I'd say, provisionally, that "Electronic Meditation", the first album by Tangerine Dream...made way before they went straight New a good contender. But you have to realize that putting any album as "the best" is necessarily going to limit the classification down way farther than it should be if you want to give an accurate picture of what the variety of music in a genre is.

Besides, although this is very good, if you want to hear just weird fucking out there music, Sun Ra's "Heliocentric Sounds" albums and Frank Zappa's "Absolutely Free", done before he started sucking supremely, are good places to look. Making an album that features talking to vegetables, like celery not like people, as one of its major themes is something Zappa did that I think is unique in the history of music recording.....

Also, I wouldn't underestimate old classics out there like "The Velvet Underground & Nico" and "Hunky Dory" plus "The Man who Sold the World" by David Bowie, to pre-Ziggy records that are far, far, beyond what the popular image of David Bowie presents.

*on edit: strike that, Van der Graaf Generator is overrated. Hawkwind and The Monks still are out there.

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