Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Marie Cocco: "Same old white guys run the debates"

As opposed to the same old white women? Marie Cocco's post is predictable, embarrassingly so. The idea that a person's race will automatically make them a progressive or a radical is one of the most absurd notions around. Just get an African American, any African American, in the White House and boom! Voila! Instant socialist paradise. No mention of qualifications or of actual political positions. This is a set up guaranteed to produce failure, which would undoubtedly undermine liberalism and left support in the United States as people take advantage again and again of people's credulity in order to assure personal advancement. It's not that there don't need to be more voices of color in politics, although I think we're doing pretty good on women, but that just herding random people in who want to be part of the political commentary fabric and are a certain race is as idiotic as expecting someone to be skilled because they come from an old, established, family.

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