Thursday, August 07, 2008

Uighur separatists labeled Islamic terrorists as Bush visits China

In the wake of a conflict that, according to Chinese sources, left twelve Chinese policemen dead. Glad to know that China is on our side with regards to the War on Terror. Fact is that both Xinjiang and Tibet, two provinces that comprise most of China's far west region, are provinces that were incorporated into China over the centuries as vassal states, ebbing in and out of independence and dependence, and aren't real parts of China proper. Sort of like Siberia in relation to Russia. Russians now live in Siberia, but Siberia itself was not Russian but was seized from the indigenous inhabitants in the 19th century, with the Soviet Union continuing the domination. Communist China in this regard is playing the same kind of power politics with provinces that it has no right over. It's also using the tactic pioneered by the Soviets of moving large numbers of the dominant ethnic group in the over all state into the major cities in an effort to marginalize the indigenous people of Xinjiang and Tibet through the force of sheer numbers. It will be interesting to see how this new phase of conflict unfolds.

My hope is that the Uighurs won't be considered Islamic terrorists over all, even though they're clearly separatist terrorists, because of the Muslim background of most of the indigenous people in the region. But because they don't have a charismatic figure like the Dalai Lama, bless his heart, speaking for them this possibility seems distant.

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