Thursday, September 25, 2008

The American campaign--now an all spin zone. On both sides.

Because John McCain has suspended his participation in Presidential debates, along with that of Palin in her debate. I'm curious about when he plans to actually have the makeup debates since it's almost one month before the election itself. But pulling out from public discussions is an illness that's afflicting both campaigns this season. Obama, who had promised during the primary fight that he'd debate the Republican winner in town hall formats over the summer, has pulled out as well. In fact, the debates over the summer were aimed specifically at Clinton in that they were supposed to demonstrate the Obama campaign's commitment to grass roots democracy. Oh well.

Instead of honest, or least actual, discussion we're getting two dueling spin machines that are committed to keeping their candidates on message without actual unscripted answers and responses getting in the way. In many ways it appears inevitable that something like this would happen. The 2000 campaign was willfully contentless, with the debates being such dog and pony shows that at one point a moderator asked just what were the differences between Gore and Bush's positions? Because they had been agreeing with each other constantly. The 2004 election will probably be seen as the 9/11 election, since Kerry's determination to win with a similarly contentless campaign was trumped by Bush pulling out all the stops in his portrayal of himself as the Commander and Chief presiding over the Iraq war and over protecting the U.S. from further terrorism.

Now we're back on track to making this a fake, media soaked, democracy once again. The only hope I see is Obama's economic populism that he announced in his acceptance speech at the convention.

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Read at my blog, an earlier post about Obama's economic advisors.

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