Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Anti-FISA group targets GOP delegates in St. Paul.....umm...

According to Raw Story a group of folks is sticking it hard to the man by airing thirty second commercials pointing out that all GOP Senators voted for FISA. They're specifically airing it in Minneapolis during the GOP convention.

"While Pincus acknowledges there won't be too many sympathetic viewers among the Republican convention attendees, he says he hopes the ad will attract some attention from the thousands of reporters in St. Paul to cover the convention and give them a news peg on which to hang new stories about civil liberties issues in the election."

So let me get this straight: they're fighting for civil liberties by broadcasting a commercial saying that the GOP Senators, many of whom are likely in attendance, voted for FISA immunity and that's a bad, bad thing? I mean, not to get too snippy, but I'd think that things like actually marching in real life at the convention would be more productive than yelling at them through a very angry commercial which they may or may not see in their hotel rooms. But it's netroots! The new protest strategy!

It's diabolically clever in its non-sensicalness. You'd think that it was a self-defeating strategy with no point, but you'd be wrong, oh so wrong.

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