Monday, September 22, 2008

Ayn Rand- ha!

Really can't believe that some people take her seriously. After posting the Rand article suggesting that she was more of a Pinochet fascist I looked back over one of her essays to make sure I wasn't being unfair. I stopped after the second paragraph, where she outright said that the UK under the postwar Labour government, Stalinist Russia, and Nazi Germany, were all the same political system. I laughed and laughed at that one. It's been alleged that Ms. Rand was an amphetamine junkie and this would explain some of her paranoia---the collectivists are going to get me! the collectivists are going to get me! waaah...; democracy is Stalinism!


RnBram said...

Right! A pack of wolves in a chicken barn is something completely different from one or two wolves in a chicken barn, which you would happily accept.

After all, your neighbor has a mated pair of wolves in his barn too and is struggling to get rid of them with the help of other neighbors. You laughingly tell your wife about your neighbor:
"Really can't believe some people take him seriously. He's read too much Little Red Riding Hood which would explain some of his paranoia...the wolves are going to ruin my business! the wolves are going to ruin my business! waah...;...caring for two wolves is Carnivory!"

Obviously you don't understand much about your neighbor or about raising chickens, nor give a damn about the individual people ...oh, sorry, "chickens"... that are being eaten.

Vicious. I should have read your profile first. It openly admits frogs should "poison people" and your not embarrassed to live in what was once the most revered nation in the world, and to work to drag it to hell. (N.B. that is not my nationalism speaking, I am Canadian.)

"dedhel" was the coincidental "Word Verification" for this comment. Sounds suitable for your blog name, although Mindless Misanthrope would be good too. Try to learn what you are talking about rather than dismiss things you do not understand. Grow Up.

Rob Diego said...

Rand criticized fascism. She did not advocate it but you wouldn't get that unless you read more than one paragraph. She had the ability to see the broad sweep and to see similar principles at work in different governments. All you have to do is look at the definition of fascism and you will see that it means government control over private property. When a government dictates the actions of people who own private property, it is not a free country but a fascist country. But you won't get that in one paragraph, you actually have to think.