Saturday, September 06, 2008

Bhutto's husband wins the Presidency!

A great day for democracy, from the New York Times:

"Acquittal and Amnesty

Pakistan’s high commissioner in London, Wajid Shamsul Hasan, who was recently appointed by Mr. Zardari and is a longtime friend, said Mr. Zardari was now healthy. Mr. Zardari was one of more than a dozen people accused of a conspiracy in 1996 to kill Ms. Bhutto’s brother, a political opponent of Mr. Zardari and Ms. Bhutto. The high court in Sindh Province, Mr. Zardari’s political base, acquitted him in the murder case in April.

Last week, a Swiss prosecutor dismissed a case in which Mr. Zardari and Ms. Bhutto were found guilty in 2003 on money laundering charges involving illegal commissions they had received from two Swiss companies, Cotecna and Société Générale de Surveillance. The court ordered them to return $12 million to the Pakistani government.

The Pakistani government dropped the charges this year, after Mr. Zardari and Ms. Bhutto had been offered an amnesty on their corruption charges. The Swiss authorities said that they could no longer pursue the case and that they would release $60 million of Mr. Zardari’s funds.


A report on private banking and money laundering in the United States, done for the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations in 1999, cited allegations that some of Mr. Zardari’s Citibank accounts were used to “disguise $10 million in kickbacks for a gold importing contract in Pakistan.” The report said that Mr. Zardari had accumulated $40 million in Citibank accounts. He denied the charges, and the head of the gold company identified in the report denied he had paid bribes."

Serves stupid Americans right, although one of the stories about his assumption of the Presidency features a group of Bhutto supporters, one holding a picture of her up and another raising a fist. Because of that, the epic corruption charges against the current President (yay nepotism!) may not even reach the Bhutto praising masses who swallowed the propaganda hook line and sinker and stupidly wrote sugary obituaries to a woman most had never heard of before, some buying her book in the process, which in the official American mourning for the embezzling and shopping former President major bookstores featured in store displays.

Sort of like the big flub on Ossetia and Georgia. Folks wrote and wrote about an area that they really hadn't heard of, then were shown up/ are continually being shown up by Cheney, Bush, and Rice whole heartedly endorsing Georgia against Russia to the point where even a casual, non-political, observer probably would suspect a political motivation.

America should hold back the tears and turn on the critical thinking about what's spoonfed to it through the media and the Executive Branch.

Otherwise, the world will continue to look at us as naive morons.

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