Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Charles Mudede, Hegel, Nietzsche, Zizek

In a recent Stranger column Charles Mudede started out by comparing Zizek to Nietzsche by saying that even though Zizek says that his favorite philosopher is Hegel he seems more like Nietzsche because Hegel is "Old labor" while Nietzsche is "Like dancing". The truth of the matter is that Nietzsche was a stylist on top of being a philosopher while Hegel cut through the shit and just philosophized. Personally, I would go for the philosopher that seemed to me to be closest to the truth about existence, but, hey, style counts for something, right? I think that the preference for Nietzsche, not on Mudede's part but on the part of the hipster community in general, is due to the fact that on top of being misanthropic it's style allows you not to think as much and be less intellectually engaged. You can read Nietzsche as an entertaining, satirical, theorist, while not getting the full impact and significance of what he's saying, whereas with Hegel it's pretty clear a few sentences into any work of his that you're going to have to struggle and think to get something out of it 'cause he's not going to entertain you.

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