Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do we really have to support all the troops?

By which I don't mean that we should wish some troops harm, but instead this: should I really have to unconditionally support people who in the U.S. I would consider shit bags worthy of no respect whatsoever? The people I'm talking about are ultra-conservative, reactionary, semi-fascist folks who support Bush all the way and who think that the war on terror is completely justified. I don't support these people, I don't think anyone should support these people who are in Iraq and are true believers in the conservative cause. And there certainly are a fair share of them around military bases. Just judging by bumper stickers, well, I have to say that the most extreme conservative offensive bumper stickers I've seen have been around military bases. I'm not going to pretend to support the soldiers sporting them anymore than I would a chicken hawk fascist who put them on his truck.

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