Saturday, September 27, 2008

The first Obama-McCain debate....Obama by a huge, overwhelming, landslide

McCain did so poorly it's almost laughable. Then again, they say that in the Nixon-Kennedy debate of '60 that people who listened to the radio thought that Nixon had won and people who saw it on TV thought that Kennedy had won, and I've just read the transcripts and haven't seen the footage. I'm trying to think of how to adequately describe McCain's performance from where I'm at....I think that a combination of cockroach scurrying when the kitchen light comes on, a hollowed out shell who's only capable of repeating Republican talking points and cliches, and an ADD kid pumped up with sugar screaming and jumping all over the place sums it up pretty well.

Although Obama made serious compromises, like describing Venezuela as a rogue state, as well as comments like, and I quote, " I have never said that I object to nuclear waste. What I've said is that we have to store it safely.", his capacity to actually be liberal, think, and come up with responses that haven't been covered by Regnery Press for the last sixteen years ensured a win over the joker that McCain has proven to be.

Everything from Petraeus to Vietnam to MIAs to spending finishing the job, winning with honor, etc.. etc.. etc..., and TAXES! TAXES! SPENDING! SPENDING! was trotted out. The first part of the debate was so weird because instead of talking about substantive issues occurring today McCain was fixated on cutting government waste and spending---but not through reducing the military budget or, it turned out, by committing to getting troops out of Iraq. Also, he wants to further decrease the business tax, as well as cutting potentially valuable but in the way he phrased it silly programs, like studying bear DNA in Montana. This is a tried and true tactic from ye olde '80s, which McCain invoked time after time with the holy name of Ronald Reagan on many issues.

Not only has McCain recycled right wing Vietnam and post-Vietnam rhetoric (like the false MIA issue), but he's on board with the Star Wars Defense Initiative, with the idea that it helped win the Cold War, with not meeting with rivals just like Ronny did when he revved the Cold War back up.

If Bush has proven the popularity of a secretive fascist rhetoric spewing vindictive moron, support of McCain would be an indicator of Americans desperately wanting their own right wing feel good bullshit irrespective of any objective conditions surrounding them.

*on edit: THE SURGE! THE SURGE! Funny thing about the Surge, well actually two funny things about it: first, that McCain failed to mention that The Surge decreased violence due to the enormous increase in violence that composed it, with the policy being a scorched earth one, not even considering what was happening between the Sunni and Shi'ia militias. Second, that the broadening of the strategy to also include more economic, political, and native Iraqi lead initiatives no where appeared in McCain's points in the debate. In fact, a person could be forgiven for thinking that if all of the other policies were brought up by Obama that McCain would attack him for wanting surrender--even though Bush himself endorsed them. Surge in the debate meant pure, unadulterated, steroidal raging military assault. Maybe McCain and people who support him should look up the example of Grozny in Chechnya and consider whether utterly destroying a city and its inhabitants constitutes victory.I don't want that sort of victory.

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