Monday, September 08, 2008

I'm glad that McCain's the nominee

Despite the fact that he said we'd be in iraq for a hundred years if necessary. Things could be much, much, worse, Romney or Huckabee could have gotten the nomination. We have the good people of New Hampshire to thank for that not becoming a reality. I've written previously about how the primaries of New Hampshire and of Iowa have an importance that's exaggerated beyond justification, the reason being that these two states aren't representatives of good old American values as a whole but increasingly out of step with the demographics and population of the country. However, New Hampshire retains a certain small 'c' conservatism based in New England skepticism that made the right choice about the conservative nominee. What they did was to use that value to say no to radical nominees who may have continued Bush's work into another four years. McCain was the sane nominee among a crowd of people who went from relatively insane to batshit crazy, and people in New Hampshire picked up on this and voted accordingly.

And all this stuff about Palin, about Palin being a loose gun possibly Bush like figure, it's really not all that important, because Palin looks increasingly like window dressing for the radical conservative constituency who likes Bush's rhetoric. She may become Vice President but she most probably won't have any of the powers that Cheney had during the Bush administration. McCain will be the one in charge, no matter how often Palin shoots her mouth off.

Of course, at this point, Obama is the one to vote for if you vote, but it's reassuring in some way that the alternative isn't someone as radical as Bush, although of course you never know what might happen once he gets into office.

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Gordon Marshall said...

I think it's crucial to vote Obama. He is a smart man with vision and integrity. I think McCain's a good man but the Bush administration is the new mafia and it will use him as a puppet. Maybe I'm paranoid but that doesn't mean they're not after us!