Thursday, September 25, 2008

Laibach Volk tour in Seattle

Very good show. Went through the entire Volk album of altered national anthems in order, then played songs from WAT and one from NATO before taking bows and letting literal credits play on the video screens behind them.

If there was a doubt about whether or not Laibach are fascists or pro-fascist this tour should put it to an end. In particular, the big surprise, the video presentation behind "Italia", indicates it. First off, their version of the Italian national anthem mixes in "Avanti Populo", the Partisan and Communist song, in with the anthem itself. Second, it says "What god made you the slave of Rome?", a reference to the first stanza of the anthem, while playing shots of the evil people in Pasolini's film "Salo, or the 120 days of Sodom", which is both a reference to the Fascist Salo Republic of late World War II and to historical fascists as inhuman abusers of people. Salo features rape, torture, murder, forced eating of feces, general abuse, of young adults kidnapped and brought to a castle, held in captivity for the protagonists to use as they will.

Good film, definitely the darkest of Pasolini's career. It's good that Laibach know and like him.

The tour is almost over but if you're in, say, LA or New York, where they haven't played yet, I recommend going down and seeing them.

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