Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mike Gravel can rant all he wants but Palin isn't a Ron Paul conservative

In a recent CounterPunch article Mike Gravel, Senator from Alaska and the most incisive critic of the Bush regime during the Democratic Primaries, sings the praises of Sarah Palin. Paints her as a gutsy, small town libertarian conservative of the Ron Paul camp. Doesn't say Ron Paul but that's the basic message. I think he forgets that you don't get to be the vice presidential nominee of the Republican Party by sticking to ideas that are espoused by a counter convention happening while the nominee makes her acceptance speech. In any case, there's a fine line between libertarian conservatives who have a sort of cool cachet to them and folks who are just conservatives with libertarian tendencies. Pat Buchanan isn't Ron Paul. I'm betting that Palin falls more into the Buchanan camp, albeit in a less extreme way, or else she'd never get to where she is now.

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