Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh the poor Austrians

From The Guardian: "Today's expected results will be seen as a triumph for Strache, a politician who has made a virtue of being even tougher on immigrants than his party's former leader. Polls have suggested that substantial numbers of the young and elderly, blue-collar workers and middle classes will turn out to vote for the man who strengthened his popularity through slogans such as: 'If you want an apartment, all you need is a headscarf.'"

Although I know that some of the immigration to Austria is from Africa, which the Austro-Hungarian empire didn't really have anything to do with, I'm guessing that much of it is from former vassal states in central Europe, like states in the former Yugoslavia and elsewhere. These days Vienna is much more accessible by car and is only a short plane ride from Moscow. So pity the poor Austrians who want to preserve the integrity of their nation from the former serfs and others coming into the former head of the "multi-national" empire.

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