Monday, September 01, 2008

Palin indicates that McCain doesn't want a Cheney relationship

Jonathan Schwartz makes the case in This article on "This Modern World" that the selection of Palin, who has not that much experience, is a sign of the American Empire's decay. But I think that he's probably been influenced too much by the Bush years, where the Vice Presidency has taken on unprecedented powers, and has forgotten how things were before it. In the time before, the Vice President's office was looked at as pretty useless, with people questioning during Clinton-Gore whether or not it had any function at all except to be a warm body unless the President becomes incapacitated. And Dan Quayle under George H.W. Bush was a running joke. At best American Vice Presidents have functioned as more toothless versions of European Presidents, who deal with foreign diplomacy while the Prime Minister makes all the final and real decisions.

The fact that McCain has selected Palin as his running mate is an obvious slap in the face to the idea of the puppet presidency of Bush-Cheney, where before the sudden discovery of his 'gravitas' (cool latin word!) post-9/11 Bush was regarded as an incompetent idiot who let Cheney do the real job of running things. Or, more likely, Cheney served as a special 'advisor', who made decisions and passed them on to Bush as 'suggestions' that Bush later acted on.

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