Monday, September 01, 2008

Sarah Palin....Jesus Christ.

I unfortunately feel like I know the type that this person belongs to. Looking through the great oracle of Wiki, it emerges that Palin was a soccer mom-esque figure from Wasilla Alaska, population 8,471, at the very edge of the Anchorage area. Let correct that. Soccer-Mom/Hick mix that marginal towns in metro areas produce. Grew up in Wasilla, went to high school there, went to college in Idaho, went back to Wasilla. Eventually became Mayor of Wasilla. Went on from being Mayor of Wasilla to being governor [on edit: was appointed Oil and Gas commissioner in between]. Real go getter, played high school basketball and was the prayer leader for her Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Took second place for Miss Alaska, but of course owes none of her accomplishments, such as they are, to looks.

My god what a nightmare. I have visions of some of the local parents in one of the hick towns I had the displeasure of growing up with being one heart beat away from the Presidency...possibly....I can't even think about it. Welcome to why I left the country, folks. Right here before you. I would move to Europe if she became President.

*on edit: if she became President there would be a series of posts here about how nice things are in Washington State, then silence, then a post announcing that I'm staying at an undisclosed location in Berlin...which is sort of a happening avant-garde place these days, if my sources are correct.

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