Thursday, September 04, 2008

Two months

Two fucking months and it'll be election day. That night we'll probably know who will succeed Bush. Probably because of the bullshit that's gone on in the last two elections; but if it's not close there'll be less of a chance of drawn out fighting about the result. The successor to Bush will be chosen and the next milestone will be the inauguration, 1/20/09, as all the bumper stickers say. Then it'll really be over. We may have a conservative who is as nuts as Bush on foreign policy but the continual embarrassment and outrage that is the Bush administration will have come to a close. Put the fucker out to pasture and let the adults take over. The sheer weight of the anti-intelligence possessed by Bush and wielded as a weapon of obstruction against the American people and destruction against the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan will be lifted from the U.S. and from the world. I'm looking forward to some equivalent of Khruschev's secret speech, where he denounced Stalin, although I know that it'll probably come through new media openness for calling them like they've seen them instead of through any sort of government announcement, although Obama could, theoretically do something of the sort.

You know, I'm too young to have a proper perspective on the Reagan administration, but from what I remember they at least kept it entertaining, they being Reagan's handlers. Lots of bigoted, mean, drama, the creation of the war on drugs and the condemnation of the '60s. All the while pursuing their agendas in economics and elsewhere, some of it overlapping with the dog and pony show. It hurt a lot of people, the "Reagan Revolution", but in a way the stone silence of the Bush administration on many days is worse. The administration doesn't even pretend like it gives a damn. If Reagan was the "Great Communicator", meaning in essence the great spin doctor and propagandist, Bush is the "Great Mute".

But that'll change on November 4th/January 20th. Both candidates possess the basic cognitive skills necessary to actually engage the American people.

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