Thursday, September 11, 2008

When will we stop taking this shit? Seventh anniversary of 9/11

I've been surfing through The Progressive magazine's McCarthyism Watch, which provides detailed documentation of the worst (publicized) civil liberties infringements of, well of the last ten or so years. The column started before Bush and 9/11 but since then it's experienced a bumper crop of reports. Let's see, there's David Zirin, a sports writer who integrates the social dimensions of sports into his columns in creative ways, who was surveilled while participating in an anti-Death Penalty group in Maryland that just set up a table in a farmer's market and gathered signatures. There's the guy in San Francisco who was pulled over and ticketed because he had a "No to empire" sticker on the rear windshield of his car. A Cal state professor who was fired for not signing a loyalty oath left over from the McCarthy period itself, that it seems lots of people ignore without any consequences. Then the ultimate end to the Critical Arts Ensemble story where a guy who was constructing an installation art project that involved the use of test tubes, lab equipment, and DNA was indicted for terrorism when paramedics came to help his wife, who was having a heart attack. Possibly because of the stress of the whole thing, Kurtz himself is now seriously ill with cancer, cited as one of the reasons that they let him off easy.

I was staying at a hostel in Florida, which was then my turf, when I encountered a pompous English guy talking about the ramifications of 9/11, justifying all the steps that Bush had taken. He was pompous because, first, he was representing himself as a hip, nice guy, and second because he was clearly depending on his English accent to give him some sort of authority. After being challenged about what the actions by the government following 9/11 could do to our civil liberties on both the national and local levels he answered that theoretically it could empower local Mussolini's but that that was a kind of marginal consequence that wouldn't really matter in the long run. I'm sure he thought that using the name "Mussolini" instead of Hitler would impress the stupid American Colonial that he was talking with. Well, here we are seven years after 9/11 and we're still tolerating our local and national Mussolini's fucking with our rights, and we're expected to give deference to reactionary redneck morons who act superior to us because of their approval of torture.

How long will we let this go on? How long will we be pushed around like blobs of jelly by these people who have exploited 9/11 for their own benefit? Another seven years? Ten? Fifteen? As long as they're on the attack? The Department of Heimat Security, our local fascists, they have no moral standing, and we should visibly and consistently oppose them at every juncture, from demonstrations to lawsuits, until they've taken such a battering that they decide that it's not good to fuck with us anymore.

People need to stop being protoplasm and start standing up for themselves.

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Martin Ye said...

9/11 is evidently an american tragedy which could have possibly been avoided. it's a lesson from which man can learn something.