Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Financial Times has endorsed Obama, greatly increasing his chances of winning

The confirmation comes from Raw Story. Although it's based in the UK, the Financial Times is a good bellwether for elite opinion both in the United States and abroad, especially abroad. It's endorsement, which is terse and grudging, likely hides a great fear that shit is coming out of control and that bottom lines may be jeopardized soon, and that McCain is a fucking lunatic in his ideas for addressing the crisis.

These are the people who control the world. They don't vote Democrat or Republican, as Chomsky and many others have observed, they vote their bottom lines. And party affiliation is fluid when it's an issue of money. They're the ones who own the politicians, who ultimately pull the strings that make them jump, and a shift in their support indicates that they have no confidence in McCain to do something that will realistically lead to financial stability. Even though Obama may in some ways impinge on their bottom line, having him in office and having some of that bottom line saved is better than having McCain in office and having it be lost.

Ideology is secondary here. They may even be congratulating themselves on their broadness of mind for deciding to select a Democrat instead of a Republican.

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