Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good resource on ACORN---from ACORN

Instead of from a right wing news organization. The article makes the crucial point that while people may have been improperly registered by folks getting paid by the hour, the real test would be people claiming to be these individuals showing up to the polls and voting, which hasn't happened. The cases of dead people casting votes has happened not in the voter registration process but in the process of counting and reporting ballots, a process that in cases has been controlled by local electoral political machines. This means that the fraud that happens is likely the result of officials with access to ballots messing with them. ACORN admits that some people may have turned in false registration forms but says that in all cases it was them, and not outside officials, who were the ones reporting the forms as suspicious to local electoral authorities. Another thing I could add is this:

Community organizations representing low income and minority voters strangely get charged with vote fraud on a semi-regular basis while voter campaigns that register people outside of middle class supermarkets seem to never be targeted. The charges are either something like what ACORN is facing or stem from accusations that the organizations are completely partisan and are registering voters purely along partisan lines. In fact, this charge was something that was regularly applied to the Civil Rights movement in the South by southern politicians--after blacks were given the right to vote without paying a poll tax or passing a written test at the polls.

The people challenging ACORN, then, stand in a long and glorious tradition.

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