Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hopefully the economic crisis will bracket 9/11

Providing an end to a seven year age of bullshit. People don't understand "why they hate us" because foreign policy in this country has been planned and executed with virtually no coverage by the mainstream media, critical or otherwise. This is literally true so that before 9/11 the military could have been intervening someplace in the world, invading a city, and in regional papers it would only get a short notice. To find out what was really happening you'd have to read the New York Times. And to get a critical perspective on what was happening you'd need to read not only the New York Times but lefty magazines that kept up with this stuff. The multiple invasions of Haiti during the '90s are a text book example. So in large part people who are not hooked into the elite media, like the New York Times, have a picture of the actions of the United States in the world that's much, much different than what the reality is. But everyone understands recessions and financial downturns.

Unlike the questioning and uncertainty prompted by the destruction of 9/11 the economic downturn is a known unknown, something where books and books, analyses and analyses have been written about what causes this stuff, how it works. So unlike the consequences of U.S. foreign policy, domestic economic policy is something that people who don't obsessively follow economic trends can get. There's not a much better way to make yourself look good than to have sophisticated answers about what to do with the economy. I think that when it comes down to it people value insights relating to what's going on with their check book over hollow invocations of patriotism.

I hope Obama hammered this home. I have to read the transcripts of the debate, but I will get back to you on this.

Either way, the crisis may serve to pierce the complete veil of bullshit that's engulfed the country post-9/11.

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