Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm voting for a black man for President and a gay man for my State Representative

And it feels good. I live in the 43rd district of Seattle, the very liberal core, which includes Capitol Hill, the gay center of the city. Jamie Pedersen is the current rep and is up for reelection.

Despite the vitriol unleashed on Obama previously by me it's more important to defeat McCain than to protest the cultishness of some Obama supporters by not casting your vote for him. I'm not an Obama-maniac, or a converted believer, but I do believe that it's essential to defeat McCain and take back the White House. Plus, he's gotten better in his public statements about economics, with an actual sense of populist values, and appears to have an idea of how to fix the economic crisis, or at least part of it, while McCain's idea is a counter-intuitive, reflexive, appeal to cut taxes. Of course the economic crisis itself can only really be changed by the shift towards a more socialist economy, and despite critics assertions this is not what Obama is putting forward, but in the very short term I think that Obama's ideas can help somewhat.

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