Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's NPR liberals against the working class, using Barack's race as an excuse

Quite amazing to see the open display of class hatred that's playing out on NPR, our liberal public radio station, in its coverage of the Obama campaign. They actually come out and say that "Working class whites" are racist against Obama. I suppose that the demographic of the average NPR listener is spectacularly different, then. Surely NPR is listened to by the black working class and the hispanic working class....wait, no, the average NPR listener is a higher income white liberal. NPR is so white in fact that it sets a standard for bleachedness that could only be surpassed if it sent in regular reports about how the weather in Martha's Vineyard was doing. So who exactly are the NPR liberals up in arms over? People who (supposedly) look like them but belong to a lower income bracket and so are perceived to be knuckle dragging morons who are racist to the hilt, as opposed to Prius driving latte drinking yuppies who plaster a bumper sticker on their car and feel good while living in gated communities. Ouch. Doesn't feel so good when the shoe is on the other foot, does it?

The supposed working class racism issue started, in my opinion, because labor refused to roll over and to support Obama unconditionally. They wanted him to do things like have positions that they agreed with. Because of this lack of a blank check the Obama attack dogs sprung into action, by labeling working class people first according to racial categories and then using the fact that there are many white people who are working class as a base to shame people into supporting Obama.

You don't hear the Obamanistas so much anymore after two debates where the candidate proved to be utterly mainstream on an array of both foreign policy and domestic issues. Suddenly there's silence, maybe a little embarrassment that Obama supports offshore drilling, supports so-called "clean coal" technologies, opposes gay marriage, wants to spread war to Pakistan, wants to confront Russia over South Ossetia in Georgia, supports an increase in NATO membership. White racism doesn't explain opposition to Obama within the working class. Maybe it's Obama's fault, because these communities have been jerked around and played with so much that they "won't get fooled again" and Obama didn't prove to them that he was just using them.

I hate the constant referral to the "White working class". "White working class", all you hear on NPR, "White working class". As if there weren't Latino members of SEIU, for instance, or blacks and latino's doing working class jobs. Everyone has multiple hats that they wear. People can be black and also working class or white and working class, and it's society that determines which aspect effects your life more. But despite racism in the United States I refuse to believe that the only people who consider themselves working class are white people. What about Justice for Janitors? What about Latino construction workers? Black and white unite and fight used to be a good labor slogan, and separating people out purely because of their skin color, and echoing that value on the radio, helps to undermine solidarity between various communities and ultimately makes the quest for social justice a much harder one.

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