Monday, October 13, 2008

A Jean Dubuffet inspired etching

That I did on copper plate

Dubuffet inspired etching

From the description I put on Flickr:

"An an etching inspired by Jean Dubuffet's artwork. Done on a small copper plate using two different non-traditional aquatint grounds, drypoint needle into soft ground and hard ground. "

Those two methods would be salt aquatint and a lift ground made by mixing hard ground with gum arabic, spreading it on the plate, cooking it, then taking the bubbles off using a bath of hot water. Salt aquatint is done by sprinkling loads of salt onto a plate with a layer of hard ground on it that's being heated on a hot plate. Nothing is done to the salt, it's put into the acid bath with it intact and the chemicals break it down. You do need a lot of salt on there, a level that may look excessive, to get a good effect because it'll get eaten away before it has a chance to leave a good mark otherwise.

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