Sunday, October 26, 2008

Labor creates all wealth....a better rendition might be labor builds society

Because in the english language the phrase "Labor Creates all Wealth" doesn't make obvious sense because it's not clear what "Wealth" refers to. It could mean "labor creates all of rich people's money" or it could mean "Labor creates the wealth of society", but what is the wealth of society? It's an indeterminate term. Saying that Labor builds society is more straightforward because that's what we're talking about, how workers have literally been the ones to build society and the ones that keep it going through their jobs.

There are two parts to a simple conception of an economy: the natural endowment of the land and the labor that's present that takes the natural endowment's and modifies them. Natural endowment means natural resources, with lakes and rivers considered as natural resources. In the U.S. most of these resources are ours, i.e. the non-Native citizens of the United States, because we stole them from the Native Americans during the conquest. And labor refers to both free and unfree labor, both of which have contributed to the wealth of the country. In a post-slavery era whether in a fairer or less fair situation, whether shunted into certain jobs by racial discimination, all workers contribute to this country.

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