Monday, October 13, 2008

Pot, meet Kettle

Jonathan Schwartz has a piece about how Saturday Night Live is supposedly against blacks, jews, and women, here. He reproduces a few screen shots:

He likens these scenes to German propaganda about Jews. There's just one problem: if you look at the top of his page you'll see a link for his coauthored book which is titled "Our Kampf". Really, I mean there's nothing politically incorrect there now is there?
I'd never for a second think that naming your book after that of Hitler's could ever make people upset, or piss people off who didn't think it was funny.

Here's the cover:

which looks suspiciously like:

Not even the most insane racist nut job would name their book something that's a take off of Hitler's. The point being that if you want to play in that depth of black humor you forfeit your right to bitch about things being politically incorrect. Especially if you're a fucking leftie.

Not insensitive or inappropriate, no sir-ee.

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