Monday, October 06, 2008

Right now the American economic system is collapsing

And quite frankly I couldn't be happier. While the system goes under I'm reading Fichte's introductions to his Wissenschaftlehre, realizing I need to read more of Kant's Critique of Judgment, and making lots of art. What goes around comes around. I think that it's sinking into people's heads that something is really wrong and worry and tension are increasing among folks in general.

Well, you can't have everything at once. If this signals an end to the economic order that's been in place since the Clinton era, which George W. Bush has cheerfully both augmented and maintained, then it's an indicator of the complete exhaustion of the American concept of neoliberalism plus world policing, whether in catastrophic mistakes like the Iraq War or in humanitarian interventions in places like Kosovo and Somalia. The American economic model was always bolstered abroad by propaganda, the American media exporting loads of feel good movies and tv shows reflecting none of American reality to the rest of the world. Of course we bought it first, though.

If this collapse signals an end to an American imperium I'd be anxious to see who replaces it. My hope would be Europe in some sense, but also a combination of Russia, China, and South American states like Venezuela and Bolivia. Putin is not a nice guy, but a Russian ascendency would check our little expansionist schemes that we've implemented in places like the Ukraine and Georgia, with their manufactured "Color Revolutions". It would also signal an end to NATO and to the farce of a group reportedly formed for the "Atlantic Community", meaning the U.S., Canada, and Western Europe, expanding to the Caucuses mountains and carrying out missions in Central Asia, which is what Afghanistan is part of. Afghanistan is close to the Indian Ocean, much closer, than it is to the Atlantic.

With the decline of the U.S., if it really and truly happens because of this crisis, we can hope to see countries that have been victims of U.S. suppression, like Venezuela and Iran, not to mention countries like Cuba, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, cutting loose and successfully challenging U.S. influence over themselves.

And a U.S. in decline would short circuit the nuclear alliance just cemented between India and the U.S., something that considering the virulent anti-Pakistan sentiment in India would be a very dangerous alliance indeed; India may put its fingers on the trigger for nuclear missiles waiting for serious fighting to break out in Kashmir.

Also, a U.S. decline would no doubt cause Saudi Arabia to lose influence, as the kingdom is largely protected by the U.S. Saudi Arabia may be subject to international pressure after all. Israel, too, would lose some power as it would have to defend itself without massive subsidies from the U.S. Make the desert bloom, eh? If Israel is so rugged and self determining maybe they should start paying their own bills for their national defense instead of relying on checks from daddy U.S.

Egypt would be empowered by a U.S. decline as well, which would be good if destabilizing. In fact, the whole Middle East would become a more self determining place, surely a positive change.

It would be a good thing for leftists as well, particularly in the countries cited. Right now dissent in many of them has been corralled into far right Islamic channels because of ruthless opposition to anything outright progressive, and even that is now underneath the hammer of the U.S. With a U.S. decline not only would these ideologies, which are being paraded as the new clear and present danger to all humanity, gain more power but the leftist opposition would see an opening to gain power as well.

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