Monday, October 13, 2008

Two Vladimir Madonna etchings

Vladimir Madonna semi-open bite

From the description I put on Flickr: "A sugar lift sketch of the famous Vladimir Madonna Icon that then had a light coat of aquatint applied to it and the edges of the lines melted through being put on a hot plate for a little while. Etched in 14:1 for fifteen minutes, giving an effect of a mostly open bit set of lines with some light aquatint in them. A zinc etching. "

In many ways I'm unsatisfied with the lines of this, particularly the baby's long arm, but it's close enough to what I want that I'm keeping it.

Now here's the trippy part:

Vladimir Relief Print

This is the same exact plate but it's inked through a relief process as opposed to an intaglio process:

The difference being that instead of putting ink inside the etched lines I applied it to the surface of the plate, making everything except the etched lines black. I did this with a roller and what's known as an ink slab, which is a fancy way of saying a large square of ink that's been produced by spreading out a thick line of ink with a roller. A applied no pressure whatsoever when I rolled the roller over the plate, meaning that the ink, as a kind of ultra plate tone, accumulated very slowly on the plate. I think I did twelve passes of the roller over the plate to get this deep of a black.


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