Saturday, October 18, 2008

What constitutes the Midwest?

This question always used to piss me off in previous place outside of it that I used to live. Simply put, there's the West and the Midwest, and the Midwest is more highly populated and urban than the West itself. So what states are in the Midwest? Here's my Vote: Minnesota, iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio. To the south of that area we have Arkansas, Kentucky,and West Virginia which are definitely in the South itself. To the West we have Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakotas. To the East is Pennsylvania. North of the area is Canada. Some people have argued that North Dakota is part of the Midwest, but I haven't been there and I think that it's very sparse population and reputation as part of the Dakotas argue against this, although it's still a question to consider.

So that's my vote for the Midwest. Kansas is part of the West, not part of the Midwest. Nebraska is part of the West, not the Midwest. Oklahoma is most definitely part of the West as opposed to the Midwest. South Dakota is definitely part of the West.

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