Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why the Socialist and Communist gambit by McCain and Palin will not work

First of all, I am in fact sympathetic to certain forms of Communism, particularly the one that existed in Yugoslavia before the breakup and the one promoted by the former Italian Communist Party or PCI, which has since split in two. Obama is not really a socialist although there may be some socialistic rhetoric in his domestic policy and he's certainly not a Communist. But that aside I'm predicting that the new strategy by McCain and Palin will backfire for one simple reason: for the last seven years we've been inundated with propaganda regarding Muslims, Iraq, and terrorism motivated by Islam, and McCain/Palin are trying to resurrect a propaganda point that's been missing in action not just since 9/11 but since the Clinton presidency; two weeks trying to bring back Cold War rhetoric in order to scare people is not going to be enough time to produce meaningful results. It's shifting gears in midstream and time will run out before it will have the potential to make a real difference. People know what Terrorism as the administration has presented it is; they're not as familiar as McCain and Palin think about the scare tactics of what Communism is.

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