Friday, November 14, 2008

The Great Satan has fallen

Because Obama was elected Ahmadinejad, Kim, and bin Laden will find it harder to justify their policies to their respective constituencies. Bush was the best friend that hardliners in countries that were authoritarian and anti-U.S. could hope for. Iran was on the way to peaceful reform and normalization under Khatami when the specter of annihilation by the U.S. caused the Iranian people to back Ahmadinejad. Kim Jong-Il was facing the total collapse of his country before the idea of North Korea being part of the Axis of Evil provided a convenient propaganda distraction from reality. Bin Laden profits from the Iraq War, he profits from the Afghanistan invasion where wedding parties are regularly bombed by U.S. forces, he profits by anti-Muslim rhetoric originating the United States. Someone more reasonable in charge undermines his thesis that the United States is a permanent decadent force in the world that can only be countered by Islamic values in predominately Muslim societies.

Everything that the hardline Bush supporters thought projected an image of American strength and commitment to democracy across the globe actually projected the opposite: a swaggering, ignorant, arrogant, bigoted, stupid, violent U.S. that probably was a threat to countries across the globe because of its qualities. Picture the Ugly American amplified and imposed on the world, piggish and venal small minded idiots determined to rewrite world politics.

Now all of that has been undermined somewhat.

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Andrew said...

Hi John,

You sound angry man. Have you ever read The Flame of Heaven by Andrew P. Wright. It's a book of fiction but it might help you sort out you left from your right.Check it out dude.