Friday, November 28, 2008

People blockaded by occupying force fire missiles at their occupyers

Of course the people in question are those of Gaza, and the occupiers are the Israelis, so the normal rules don't apply. If this was any other conflict there would be sympathy for those folks who have decided to strike back at the people who are destroying their lives. Instead, the missile attacks in response to long term Israeli destruction of both Gaza's economy and Gazan society in general are perversely seen as reasons for said destruction to take place.

If this wasn't Gaza and Israel, Hamas, which was democratically elected by the Palestinians, would b seen as a legitimate force and not as something by definition illegitimate because it has used, and uses, force against the Israeli state in opposition to what it does to them.

*on edit: it's interesting how whether the U.S. and Israel recognize the democratic decisions of Palestinians depends on how the decisions the Palestinians make Israel. Which makes the idea of there being good faith on the part of Israel to increasing Palestinian sovereignty a joke. It's going to be hard to organize a new credible round of peace talks with only the defeated Fatah faction being recognized as a negotiator for the Palestinians.

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