Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Celebrating nine years on the road

Today is the official anniversary of me dropping out from society. Nine years ago I left the Midwest and moved to the Florida Keys, basically saying "Fuck you guys, I'm going to live in Paradise", saying it in particular to college administrators and bureaucracy. I had become on of the kids that 'hung around the block' as it were during early high school before deciding to come back and actually finish my education and go to college, and the wall of bureaucracy that I faced in dealing with problems was something that tried my patience beyond what I could tolerate. So the opportunity arose to move to the Florida Keys and I sent a big middle finger to all of them by choosing to go there rather than put up with their bullshit.

Therein followed several moves around Florida and the eventual move to the Pacific Northwest, with about a year and a half of extensive traveling around the U.S. before the big move to the West Coast. In the process I earned a Bachelor's Degree, focussed on Politics and Political Economy. Over time I've found ways to get more and more integrated with society again without selling out, which is a good thing.

It's almost unbelievable that I've been on the West Coast for almost five years, give or take a few months that I spent back in Florida. But such a move entails more difficulties than moving to a different area in Florida, for example. I feel that things are stabilizing up here and I hope to stay for a while.

These years have been quite amazing, have produced more self development and enrichment than all of the years before it combined. And over six of those years have been documented on this blog, although of course not every little thing has been recorded since it's not really possible to stenograph every little thing that goes on with you, although people try. The best years of the blog, in my opinion, were those in Florida and in the Northwest up to the re-election of Bush in 2004. That had a crushing blow to the optimism that informed much of the blog before then. I'm not saying that valuable stuff wasn't posted in the four years since the election, but the pace of really interesting articles vs. short comments on current news slowed way down. I feel that Obama's election may be starting to fuel a renaissance of sorts with the articles I post on here.

In any case, these very crazy years have been a valuable gift that I can never repay.

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