Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Now that a UN human rights investigator has been expelled from Israel can we invade them?

I mean, they've now done something comparable to what the U.S. accused Saddam Hussein of doing. What would people say if Hussein had expelled people investigating atrocities to the Kurds? The person in question is Richard Falk, the person who supplied Christopher Hedges with the graphic description of life in the Gaza strip in the article cited below. It's this article that most likely got him expelled from Israel. They expelled him because of supposed anti-Israel sentiment, which would go with anti-Iraqi sentiment over Kurdish conditions as being one of the most hypocritical stands you can take.

It puts Israel up there with Serbia, where it belongs, an international leper state.

*on edit: predictably, the New York Times has produced a hysterical article that fudges the facts to the point of being not only misleading but outright lying. It says that Richard Falk compared the treatment of Palestinians to Nazi atrocities, not specifying any further. The implication is that he said that Israel is implementing death camps or concentration camps for Palestinians, which isn't what he said. He said, in fact, that the treatment of people in Gaza was beginning to resemble the Warsaw Ghetto, which although a Nazi atrocity is not what people automatically think of when they hear the term. The article also said that he questioned the official story on 9/11, it says it right after the Nazi atrocity jibe, implying that he believes that Israelis or Jews did 9/11.

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